You can become a successful investor. All it takes is a small amount of money invested regularly, patience and the determination and discipline to follow some basic investing principles.

Diaspora Investors was borne out of this conviction. We enable investors to make sense of the information that confronts them daily and focus on what really matters. With our live and recorded webinars, events, online tools, magazine and community of like-minded investors, investors have all they need to take control of their financial security.

Experienced and successful investors who have come before you have pursued their dreams, maintaining an unshakeable faith in simple, sound investing principles that anybody with knowledge of basic math can follow.

Diaspora Investors plays a critical role, helping many ordinary investors successfully participate in equity markets, real estate and infrastructure investments among other investment opportunities. Our online platform serves many Diaspora Investor members across the world. Our Professional Investors Network grows primarily through grassroots and word-of-mouth communication. We aspire to become the world’s best Online Professional Investors Network for members of the diaspora globally.

Diaspora Investors members invest both on their own and within independent investment group structures, where they learn and explore investing as a group. The investment group environment provides a launching pad for investors, removing some of the mystery and enabling members to participate with others in a program of strategic, long-term investing.

Diaspora Investors members invest both locally and overseas. Foreign investments are an untapped potential by many investors. Knowing where and how to invest in foreign markets is something that our members are interested in and actively explore as they engage at our events, our platform and utilize our tools & resources.

Diaspora Investors is a free resource for Investor members. Our revenue is derived primarily from advertising and sales of investment publications, software and resources. Using these funds, we provide the online platform and other resources that empower investors to make well informed investment decisions and help them to achieve their investment goals.